Treatment for COVID

To prevent and treat COVID-19, our team follows the I-MASK+ and I-RECOVER Protocols established by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance or FLCCC.

For more information about these protocols please go to their website.  All visits for COVID-19 prevention and treatment will be via Telemedicine, i.e. secure
video chat.

Please email us at with your full name, cell phone number, and whether you are requesting –

1. COVID Prevention including Ivermectin,
2. Post COVID Exposure treatment to include Ivermectin,
3. Treatment for an active COVID infection using the FLCCC Protocol, or
4. Addressing post-COVID Syndrome.

All inquiries will be responded to fastest via e-mail.
You may also call or text us at 208-908-0988.

To expedite your treatment, please register here.

The cost for a consultation to get a 120-day prescription for Ivermectin and other medications and supplements to support immune health and prevent COVID-19 is $149.  For additional refills, you will need to schedule a brief Telemedicine appointment with someone from our team for $75.

The cost for acute COVID-19 care and treatment is $199, and this includes prescriptions as outlined by the FLCCC protocols, I-MASK protocol and referrals for medical supplies if necessary.

We are a cash pay practice so we are not able to accept insurance.  We ask for payment information prior to your appointment. You will be charged following your visit. We kindly ask that you give us 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment.